Last weekend, I learned to never install anything work-related on your home computer. It will never end well, and this time in particular, it certainly ended poorly.

Thankfully, I was able to rescue the Weesh files off the damaged Modbook and got my Mac Mini running with my even-older Wacom Graphire. I've retaught myself how to draw without looking at my hand again, and we're good to go for the remainder of Weesh's run.

The strips missed last week have been uploaded, finally, so be sure to backtrack for those.

I will be stopping daily updates of Weesh in mid July, after having completed 7 full years. It's a good run, I'm running out of original ideas, and would rather not turn into every other long-running newspaper strip that repeats the same jokes over and over again.

If you've donated within the last year, your Licorice Whip membership will not expire, ever. So, enjoy! Meanwhile, follow me on Twitter at @dansaysstuff if you want to know about my next project, when it comes around!
May 10, 2015

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